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Aaron Carson, CEO
Aaron Carson's background is in Real Estate construction development.  He has design built over 1,856,000 square feet of major retail space, public storage, student housing, industrial, and office space as well as constructed over 400 custom and semi custom homes.  Mr. Carson founded National Developers Group of Companies, Inc., a full service real estate development firm in both Commercial and Residential construction.  During this time, Mr. Carson managed over 60 employees within 15,000 square feet of office as well as interfaced with multiple sub contracting firms and many city officials.  His firm handled all functions from site acquisition, original project design, permitting, site development, construction leasing and sales.  Design, land acquisition, construction development, Green Building, and real estate brokerage are his core strengths.  Carson Commercial was the controlling ownership interest in National Developers Group of Companies prior to its closing in 2007 due to the market collapse.

Ron Frandsen, CFO
Ron Frandsen, CPA, has served as a C-level executive for several startup or operating companies including as Managing Director of Scientific Analytics, an Australian based artificial intelligence software company.  He also served as CEO for Pacific Rim Biotechnologies and CFO of an international construction materials manufacturing company.  Previously he operated a consulting company that focused on the manufacturing and supply chain industry, labor relations, financial vehicles and sales and marketing for niche industries.  Mr. Frandsen was also the CFO for National Developers Group of Companies working closely with Mr. Carson in the development of multiple residential and commercial projects.  Mr. Frandsen assisted in obtaining project financing as well as coordinating all financial status reports with the companies investment partners.

Shane Koilbianka, Director of Engineering

Graduating in 1999 from Northern Arizona University, Shane M. Kobialka accepted challenge after challenge, and increasing responsibility working his way up from designing utility extensions and subdivisions to commercial developments and master planned communities in Arizona, Nevada and Utah. After a successful career as principal of his own private consulting firm, Shane became the Director of Engineering with National Developer Group of Companies for many years.  In 2008 Shane went on to serve his country by spending three years with the Army Corps of Engineers in Northern Afghanistan and has earned several governmental accommodations. As the war and redevelopment effort wound down, Shane returned to the states to join the Department of Energy (WOPA) in the development of the nation's backbone of electrical transmission infrastructure. Currently, Shane continues to serve as a consultant on DOE, DOD projects as well as private development projects with Carson Commercial.

Joshua Ohler, Directer of Architecture

Prior to graduating from Kent State University with a bachelors of Science Joshua worked his way through college in the construction industry, this allowed him a unique perspective that most architect's today don't possess.  After graduation, Joshua went straight to work in the architectural field working with other designers on a multitude of projects ranging from simple tenant improvement plans for a small retail center to working on multi level high rise buildings.  Many years later, Joshua joined his fellow architect and father and formed their own very successful architectural firm.  Between them both, they have designed a multitude of buildings here in the valley and sadly a handful of designs that became subject to the recent collapse of the real estate market having never been built.  Joshua's work experience totals over 20 years which has allowed him to establish a solid foundation in the conceptual and fundamental understanding of architectural design and construction management.

Karil Hurst, Project Management

Spanning from multi-family, residential construction, through all phases of multimillion dollar commercial projects, Karil has been managing construction projects and operations for more than twenty years.  Karil also holds a P.M.P., Project Management Professional Credential earned through the Project Management Institute (P.M.I.). Her strengths are in effective planning & data analysis, good judgment for obtaining solutions, management of project scope, cost, schedule, quality, risk, resource requirements, and financials.  Adept at navigating all aspects of complex projects, at various times in her career she has held positions including Operations Manager, Construction Manager and Project Manager for other notable real estate developers and builders.  From site selection, through architectural planning and design, directing all trades and field supervision through to the last interior design element, she has proven that she knows how to put it all together and make it work.

Chris Ruhge, Property Management & Office Manager

Chris has over 15 years of experience in sales and related fields. Her background in property management and leasing led her to a career in real estate, and she has been a licensed real estate agent in the state of Arizona for several years. Chris has extensive experience in real estate marketing for both residential and commercial properties and has implemented successful new marketing strategies for Carson Commercial. Chris' years in sales combined with her knowledge of real estate have enabled her to be an excellent office manager who also oversees the property management division for Carson Commercial. Chris is also responsible for marketing, human resources and a multitude of other office functions as need by ownership. Having lived in the Phoenix area for 20 years, she is an expert in the area for locating potential opportunites as well as locating additional talent for the company.


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